Why Do Dogs Tear Their ACL Ligament?

A dog can sustain torn ligaments without notice. When such occurs, the pet is unable to explain his injuries or pain, although many signs indicate that there is concern. Like most pet owners, you likely rush your pet quickly to the veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment. When the diagnosis is an dog knee brace, it can be a complete or a partial tear.

How to Treat a Torn ACL Injury

The type of treatment best for the dog varies according to the type of tear that he’s sustained. Sometimes, surgery is the best option for treatment of the year, although many times there are other options more suitable than surgery. Do not automatically assume that surgery for an acl ligament tear in dogs is a necessity, even if the veterinarian makes this suggestion before others. Many pet owners opt to use a pet brace on their pet rather than endure risky surgery.

A Brace Effect

Pet braces are beneficial since they help keep the ligaments in place so further injury doesn’t occur and to help mend the injury and heal it faster. Braces are far less risky than surgery and less expensive, too. There’s an assortment of styles, designs, and types of braces available for dogs of all sizes. It may very well be a brace that helps your pet, so do not be shy about finding one for your dog.

Why an ACL Tear?

Dogs are very active every single day of their life. They love to run and jump, and play and enjoy their life to the fullest, whether they’re chasing a squirrel or fetching the ball, or even out for a jog with their owner. They love playing with other dogs and always being the best pal they can possibly be. But, all this activity can be strenuous on the dog and may actually cause the ligament tear and other trouble.

What Dogs Injure Their ACL?

acl ligament tear in dogs

Older pets are more susceptible to the tears than younger pets, and it is also more commonly experienced in pets who are overweight. If your pet is aging, you should take caution with his activity levels and keep a close eye on him to reduce tears. Larger pets are also affected with a tear in their ACL more often than smaller pets. Nonetheless, pets of all sizes and backgrounds can sustain a tear with or without notice and if it occurs, it is very painful to your pet.