Diagnosis And Treatment Of Dermatitis Herpetiformis

One diagnostic procedure carried out is the taking of a skin biopsy. And one form of effective treatment of dermatitis herpetiformis is the use of an antibiotic drug. The skin biopsy takes into account just a small piece of the skin. It is less than 4mm in diameter. But the skin that needs to be removed for analysis must not be from an area affected by the abovementioned disease.

The sampled skin is tested for the presence of what is known as IgA antibodies. It is a quick and pain free test. The test is over and done with within minutes. Could this be ironic in light of the fact that sufferers are already in great pain? Should antibodies be detected in the skin, the examiner may wish to carry out a biopsy of the small intestine. This will be done alongside of a blood test.

dermatitis herpetiformis

This skin disease is directly linked to the Celiac disease. The antibiotic drug used to treat the disease is believed to be quite effective. But this is only treatment. The disease is not cured as a result of using the drug. And the moment such treatment with the antibiotic drug ceases blisters will reoccur. In order to control this disease, it becomes necessary for sufferers to consider a lifelong use of the antibiotic drug.

It comes with a warning. The lifelong use of the drug carries extremely hazardous consequences and could cause a number of side effects. At least twenty-five percent of sufferers experience adverse reactions to the drug. While the drug treatment is effective it is by no means safe. More irony perhaps? Instead of relying on heavy prescribed medications, would it not be better to rely on Mother Nature?

Healthy living advocates seem to think so. For instance, it is believed that the surest way of eliminating all blisters is to simply follow a strictly gluten free diet. And today, that is not difficult to do at all. This is so because more and more supermarket products and organic alternatives are being dressed with the indigenous South American food source known as quinoa. Rather than rely on antibiotics for life, rely on a gluten free diet for life.